JTEKT STINGS VS Waseda University

After a bad start in the first set, STINGS managed to capture 3 consecutive sets.

KUROWASHIKI, the last tournament of this season, has started. STINGS went on to the final in the last edition, after beating Toray Arrows in the quarter-final and Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza in the semi-final. The result was the vice champion after all, but they proved their high ability. STINGs should go for the better result, that is “Champion” this year.

The first game in the preliminary round was against Waseda University. STINGS got overwhelmed by the opponent in the beginning and couldn’t control their offense from the outsides. Asano was struggling with his attacks. Having given away 3 points in a row, STINGS reached the first technical time-out at 5-8. The Head Coach Masunari called a time-out when they lost consecutive points to 5-10.
STINGS took back their rhythm by changing the distribution of the balls, more to the middle blockers, Tatsumi and Fukuyama. Kaziyski overwhelmed the opponent with his high attack. Seino was also good at attacking. The starting Libero Honma also displayed a patient defense. However, STINGS couldn’t close the big behind in the beginning to finish this set in 21-25.

STINGS came to themselves into the 2nd set. Helped by blocking and attacking from Kaziyski, STINGS took control of the game. Asano also was back to his normal self. STINGS reached the first technical time-out with 3 points ahead.
Serving was really effective in this set. Fukuyama and Seino made an ace respectively at 11-8 and 13-9. The pipe from Asano was also effective. Kuboyama made a variety of distribution, collecting balls to Seino in the important moment, to 16-10.
STINGS kept their concentration toward the end of the set, making 4 consecutive points after 19-15, including an ace from Kuboyama. Kaziyski scored 2 points of them. Asano concluded this set with a soft ball from the back-row, to 25-16 in this set.

STINGS dominated the game in the 3rd set. Kaziyski and Tatsumi helped the team advance to 4-1 by blocking. Tatsumi contributed an ace to help further 3 more points in a row. The score became 8-4. STINGS made a skillful offense to deceive the opponent blocking. Seino and Kaziyski added more points by blocking to 16-8 in the big lead.
There was no time for Waseda university to fight back. Kaziyski threatened the opponent by his deadly serves. K.Takahashi came in for serving in the end of the set, to help Seino make an attack. Fukuyama decided the set to 25-14. STINGS gained 2 sets in a row.

One more set to the victory. STINGS gained the momentum to 5-1 in the 4th set. However, Waseda University never gave up, patient to go for balls. STINGS, on the other hands, suffered from unforced errors. After an attacking error from Fukuyama, the score became tied at 9-9.
STINGS cut the bad flow with an attack from Kaziyski, but it was difficult to extend the lead. Siding out with a quick attack from Tatsumi and an attack from Asano, but the opponent got an ace to 21-19, followed by 4 more consecutive points to the opponent, which allowed them to reverse the score.
STINGS have guts. Kaziyski scored a point to 23-23, followed by gaining the match point. Fukuyama, in the end, closed the game with his ace.

STINGS managed to win the first match. It was a tough game, but there is no need to look down. “I told the players that they might be nervous for the official match in a while. However, their effort was spinning around in the first set, maybe under too much pressure. All the players should be responsible for their roles, and we’d like to play a good game,” said the Head Coach Masunari. It’s important to put your maximum effort to every single game, which will lead to the “Champion”.

Waseda University
First set 21 - 25
Second set 25 ー 16
The third set 25 - 14
Fourth set 25 ー 23
Fifth set
Date May 2 (Tue) 2017
Match KUROWASHIKI - Group Stage
Location 大阪市中央体育館
Member Kaziyski, Seino, Tatsumi, Kuboyama, Asano, Fukuyama, (L)Honma