STINGS got over their problem of reception. Running effective services, the squad showed a wide variety of offense and steady defense.

This was an important match, after 2 defeats in Kagoshima last week. STINGS won no match points, which was a costly result. But STINGS today transformed into totally different group with sharpness. They recovered the problem of reception, which costed them last week. Service was effective as well. They also marked high percentage in attacking. The players showed the strong spirits for victory.

STINGS took initiative from the beginning. Furuta jumped high to make a potent kill into the other side of the court. Kaziyski made an ace at the edge of side line. K.Takahashi showed the prominence at the net for his power. The Setter Kuboyama made a skillful distribution to help extending the lead into 12-8 by the quick attack from Hirose.
It was the day for the Middle Blocker Kanamaru to be a starter for the first time in this season. He played a key role of defense, giving pressure to the opponent with blocking. Reaching the second technical timeout by 4 points ahead, Hirose, Furuta and Kaziyski added points by blocking. STINGS scored 4 consecutive points including an ace from Kaziyski and an attack from Kuboyama. The 1st set was ended in favor of STINGS, who showed a solid performance, at the score of 25-18.

The reception was stable as well. K.Takahashi felt confidence, “We had a good practice this week under the direct guidance of our head coach. We made a precise adjustment,” as he played a key role in reception together with the Libero Honma. STINGS gained the momentum of the 2nd set, with an effective offense, using the middle of the court. Although having given away a lead at 6-8 in the beginning, Kaziyski showed his patience here. After winning a side-out, he made an aggressive service to assist a direct attack from Kanamaru. He also helped the team turn the score at 12-11 after 3 consecutive points including his back-row attack.
Furuta showed an outstanding performance. He made a direct ace at the score of 19-18. He also made strong kills from the back row. He led the squad in offense, with his high and powerful attacks.
At the score of 23-21, Matsubara, who has been injured, came back on the court as a relief server. The squad got into full swing. In the end, Furuta made a kill to decide the 2nd set.

STINGS kept their concentration, with a good start of the 3rd set. Kaziyski, Furuta and Hirose contributed 3 points in a row in the beginning. After giving away 1 point, STINGS made another 3 consecutive points. The first technical timeout came with the 8-3 lead for STINGS. Hirose made a stellar performance in the middle of the set. After he won a side-out with a powerful quick attack, he made an ace with floater into the far end of the court. He upset the defense on the other side of the court.
Once the opponent made 4 consecutive points to come closer by 3 points, STINGS cut the bad flow with a timeout. Furuta pounded a ball from the right side, followed by a break point from K.Takahashi. STINGS scored point by point to keep their lead until the end at 25-19 for the victory in 3 sets.

It was a sweeping victory. STINGS was regrouped this week. “We played under a great pressure”, said K.Takahashi. But the squad got over their problem. “All the players could felt relaxed on the court”, he continued. After the second match to win 3 match point since the opening game, smile can be seen on the player’s faces. Just move on to the next game against JT with this momentum.

Sakai Blazers
First set 25 - 18
Second set 25 ー 23
The third set 25 - 19
Fourth set
Fifth set
Date Nov 12 (Sat) 2016
Match Day 4 / V.Premier League
Location Fukui City Gymnasium
Member Kaziyski, Kanamaru, Furuta, K.Takahashi, Kuboyama, Hirose, (L)Honma